PM Johnson Refuses to Follow Suit to Biden’s Order of Sending Troops Back in Afghanistan

After Pres. Biden announced the sending of 3,000 soldiers to Afghanistan to help protect evacuating Americans, UK’s PM Boris Johnson refused to do the same. The UK Prime Minister ignored suggestions put forward by his own Defence Secretary; of sending troops if only for the purpose of helping the remaining British nationals leave Afghanistan.

Following an emergency meeting of the parliament’s Cobra Committee, PM Johnson downplayed the suggestion and instead countered the arguments in support of the recommendation. He continued to assert that the impending collapse of the Kabul government does not mean that the 20-year military mission in the country was in vain.

The UK Prime Minister said

“We have to be realistic about the UK’s power and capabilities to impose a combat or military solution in addressing the Afghanistan-Taliban conflict.”

Boris Johnson’s Message to the Families of UK Soldiers Who Died in Afghanistan

When asked on how he aims to explain his belief that the inevitable fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban does not denote that the British soldiers who fell in the peace-keeping mission had died in vain.

PM Johnson said that he shares the sorrow of all families who lost loved ones during past 20-year peacekeeping mission, yet he firmly believes that their deaths were not for naught. He cited the prevention of attacks by the terrorist groups and progress made in the advancement of female education in the country during the past two decades.

Nonetheless, he gave assurance that the remaining embassy staff and
Other British subjects working in Afghanistan will be assisted by Afghan civilians as they evacuate in the coming days. PM Johnson explained that the Afghan civilians are among those who assisted the military efforts of the UK in the past.

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