UK Tories’ Unexpected Call for a Snap General Election in July 04,2024

UK ruling conservative party calls for snap general electionTwenty-four hours after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced last Wednesday that a general election will take place on July 04, he and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer began hitting the campaign trail. Actually, the PM and members of the ruling Conservative Party (Tories) still have up to January of 2025 to complete their 5-year term, but as it is, they have called for a snap general election.

Reason Behind the Ruling Party’s Unexpected Call for a Snap Election

In the UK and under the British parliamentary system, the ruling party is given the right to call for a snap general election at its behest. Yet many believe and hope that the Tories’ decision to do so, will end their 14-year domination of the British parliament.

Leaders of the Democratic Liberal party say that it was disastrous from the start. The Conservative Party’s 14 years in power have seen a succession of ineffective leaders who failed to address the country’s growing domestic problems.

Labour Party UKYet political analysts believe that PM Sunak’s unexpected snap election announcement is a demonstration of his confidence of being able to continue maintaining their power as the ruling party in the British parliament.
Labour leader, Sir Keir said the snap election is all about two choices: To continue under the Tories as a country on a decline and beset by chaos or to be under the Labour Party that will see to the future rebuilding of the country.

Sir Keir added that voters do not have to put up with the Tories’ “unforgivable” records of denials and misinformation while receiving investments from the British government. He remarked that the snap election was the Conservative Party’s way of seeking avoidance of being called out to account on several issues of dishonesty among Tory ministers, including former PM Boris Johnson.

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