You think that the year 2018 ended well and 2019’s start is just a blast? Well at least, that is what you thought.

What you do not know is that mainstream media is hiding something hideous from us in plain sight.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me give you a couple of examples…

The Brewing War between North Korea and United States

Donald Trump threatened N.Korea if the US was forced to protect itself. To fan the fire, he repeatedly warned that all options would be considered. Nevertheless, it is unlike that there’s going to be a war between North Korean and US.

China Keeps on Bolstering its Militia

China may not be the first superpower as of the moment but, it keeps on strengthening its power. Premier Li Keqiang (second-in-command) has reaffirmed that China’s support for Paris Agreement stating that there’s international responsibility to fix climate change.

On the other hand, Trump has reaffirmed as well that the United States will exist landmarks of the treaty. Shabby international policy that Trump made has made China as a responsible, liberal and globalist power.

What about Brexit?

To be honest, there’s no certain future for Brexit. The United Kingdom and European Union have come to a deal in December in which three major issues were addressed.

  1. The money that UK will pay to EU
  2. Rights of Northern and Irish and Irish citizens and;
  3. Porous frontier between Northern Ireland and Ireland

EU has come to agree to give a grace period of March 2019 to December 2020 transition.