Labour’s Corbyn Brands Johnson a “Part-Time PM”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has branded Boris Johnson “a part-time prime minister” for not spending most of his time checking on the people in flood-hit communities.

According to reports, Corbyn uttered the branding during a session of Prime Minister’s Questions, drumming up a Conservative Party member’s questioning.

Barry Lewis, the Conservative leader of Derbyshire Council accused Johnson of turning his back on the communities affected by the floods. Corbyn then linked Lewis’ accusation to criticisms that the UK Prime Minister had spent the entire parliamentary recess at the Chevening mansion, instead of visiting the people affected by the flooding.

As it is, torrential rains since November have caused flooding in several UK communities, which was aggravated by Storm Dennis last weekend. Wales was the worst hit; experiencing continuous heavy rains that caused not only flood waters to rise. Some parts of Wales took on landslides that trapped people inside their homes.

Recently, another Labour Party member, in the person of Leicester South MP, Jonathan Ashworth, who is also Corbyn’s Shadow Secretary of State for Health, carried on with the “part-time branding.” Guesting on BBC radio programmes. Ashworth said

”People are worried,”…”needing to hear about the government’s plans on how it will handle the continuing spread of the coronavirus outbreak.”

Ashworth remarked that the UK’s part time Prime Minister still does not have a grip of the urgency posed by the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

The COBR-A meeting, which is supposed to addressi an emergency situation, still has to wait three days before it takes place. At the same time, MP Ashworth asserted that PM Johnson should drop his childish ban of barring MPS from speaking in radio programmes.

PM Johnson’s Response to Labour Party’s “Part-Time PM” Bashing

In response to Jeremy Corbyn’s accusation that he has been working part-time, Prime Minister Johnson refused to acknowledge the criticism; saying that

The government has been working “flat out” in attending to the flooding problem; working day and night ever since the flooding started, to make certain that the people receive the support they need.”

The UK Prime Minister said a COBR-A meeting merely means a Cabinet meeting held in a Cabinet office briefing room A; pointing out that It is not the only venue in which cabinet meetings take place.

Johnsom added that Labour Party members are mainly engaging in narcissistic debates; of which the hottest topic is the matter of deciding on what Shadow Cabinet job to give to the Labor Party leader, after he lost in the snap general election held last December 2019.

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