Withdrawal of Extradition Bill : Will it End Carrie Lam’s Hong Kong Woes?

The 3-month long protest actions that have been embattling Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam may possibly come to an end, or so she hopes. Through a press release, the controversial extradition bill that sparked the civil unrest, has finally been withdrawn by the Hong Kong leader; confirming the exclusive report released last Wednesday by the South China Morning Post.

However, there is still a possibility that protests will continue because protest leaders are now saying that the withdrawal action came a little too late. Too many violent clashes have transpired, with some demonstrators hurt and/or have been arrested. In addition to the extradition bill’s withdrawal, there is now a demand for a full-inquiry that will make the police accountable for the violent outcomes of their demonstrations.

The demonstrations lasted because the HK Chief Executive has a reputation for mincing words, like when she said the extradition bill is “dead” rather than directly state that it will be off the legislation table. Now she is also saying that in addition to the bill’s withdrawal, she will set up an inquiry commission to investigate the root causes on why social unrest ignites in the city, as well as formulate solutions on how to avoid them from happening again.



Yet protesters have three other demands to consider before the civil unrest can be completely called off.

Other Conditions that the HK Chief Executive Must Meet to End Social Unrest

The 3-month long protest movements have attracted international attention mainly because most rallies resulted to violence, despite an attempt by moderate demonstrators to hold a peaceful rally. Protesters are now calling on the government to investigate why the police used aggression in dispersing the demonstrators, which only sparked greater anger among people.

In addition to the withdrawal and the inquiry, other demands on the table include the HK authorities’ characterization of their movements as riots. Mainly because whatever violence that transpired were the results of the police force’s use of unreasonable aggression.

Another concession that must be met is the granting of amnesty to those who were arrested as a result of the violent disruptions.

Finally, protesters are calling on the government to restart the political reform process that had been previously voted down at the Hong Kong Legislative Council. .

Bankers and Fund Managers Warming Up to Aspiring Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren

Despite Senator Elizabeth Warren’s heavy pronouncements against the financial sector, bankers and fund managers are showing signs of warming up to her, expressing respect for her views and policies.

Sometime in March this year. Ms. Warren appeared in CBS’ “Face the Nation,” in which she asserted it is not right to call her a democratic socialist.  That is because often times, she has criticized some financial industry sectors as predatory. This presidential aspirant made clear her stance by stating,

“I believe in markets; but in markets that work…that have a cop on the beat. Markets that have real rules where everybody follows them.”

What Wall Street People are Saying about Elizabeth Warren Lately

Recently, Fortune Magazine interviewed people at Wall Street. They were surprised to receive feedback about Senator Warren that was quite different from what the majority were saying during the 2016 presidential election campaigns. According to Fortune, some had no qualms about giving their growing approval of the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, while others requested anonymity; lest they face political pressure from associates who think Ms. Warren is just not right for their business

Yet even for those with liberal leanings, it was gathered that the Democratic Senator has become an acceptable alternative to incumbent president Donald Trump and the self-professed democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of Atlas Merchant Capital, David Schamis, told Fortune that he has no trouble giving Ms. Warren his support, if ever she gets the Democratic presidential nomination. Mr. Schamis sees her as somebody who is intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful and responsible, whom he believes gives importance to the financial markets.

Schamis even added that there are people in his network, including the conservatives, who have high regard for the former Harvard Law School professor, having studied under Ms. Warren’s tutelage.

Tom Nides, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley and former Deputy Secretary of State to President Obama, gives Senator Warren credit for her accomplishments; citing her feat of setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as impressive. Although he clarifies he does not agree with all of Ms. Warren’s statements, he gives value to her idea and her drive in giving fruition to that idea.

Even Whitney Tilson, the former hedge fund manager, whom Elizabeth Warren derided in 2016 via a post on Facebook, recently wrote an article in Yahoo explaining why he is glad the Democratic Senator is running for president. Notwithstanding that Ms. Warren had lashed at him for being a Wall Street insider who allegedly stood to gain from Trump’s administration. Upon learning that Tilson had made small contributions to her campaign fund, Ms. Warren tried to patch things up by extending her apology to Tilson. .

Despite the 2016 incident, Tilson wrote that he agrees with Senator Warren’s general assessment.of the country

that they have allowed multiple systems to develop… screwing average people in countless ways, from health care, education, trade, criminal justice and trade, among other things’…“I’m glad she is running.”

Trump Asserts Imaginary Rights to Limit Congressional Oversight to What He Deems as Legitimate or Not

U.S. president Donald Trump asserts he has the right to determine the legitimacy of Congressional Oversight proceedings. Practically saying that Congress can legitimately scrutinize his activities only if he as president, deems it legal. ERGO: Congress can initiate as many oversight proceedings as they want, but cannot expect Trump to cooperate if he says it is not legitimate, like when he says that the oversight is politically motivated.

If it is any consolation, some Republicans are expressing disagreement to such views. House Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), said he disagrees with Trump’s legal theories about Congressional Oversight and the ability of Congress to police Trump’s activities while acting as president of the U.S.

House Judiciary Committee member Ken Buck (R-CO.), says his stance is aligned with Congress and not with the Executive Branch. That if Trump had acted illegally, then Congress has oversight authority.

Rep. Justin Amash (R – MI) was more specific with his disagreement over Trump’s views about having the right to determine the legality of a Congressional Oversight, This Republican lawmaker was more vocal, he argues

“The Mueller Report proved Trump committed obstruction of justice… Trumped escaped indictment only because of rules that prevent the U.S. Justice Department from indicting a sitting president.”

Such disagreements sounded like good news to the House Democrats, but the bad news is that except for Rep. Amash, the disagreeing Republican lawmakers still support Trump’s rejection of the House Democrats Committees’ investigations. They continue to insist Democrats are seeking to gain more by overreaching their Congressional investigative powers.

Republican Representative Justin Amash Shows Consistency by Making a Call for Impeachment

Aside from being the sole Republican to make a call for Trump’s impeachment, Representative Justin Amash tweeted strong words over the issue:

“We’ve witnessed members of Congress from both parties shift their views on the importance of character, on the principles of obstruction of justice, all of which depend on whether they are dealing with Bill Clinton or Donald Trump,”

As a result, Rep. Amash faces the wrath of his fellow Republicans and has been rebuked by Donald Trump who says,

”He (Amash) is a total lightweight who continuously opposes me and some of our great Republican ideas and policies, just to get his name out there through controversy.”

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